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who: the two idiots ([personal profile] downfalling & [personal profile] justsucin ) + the elder who's done with their shit ([personal profile] lesinset )
what: Jin's finally waking up after they break his maker's hold (see here)
warnings: trying to figure out feelings, dealing with a newborn vampire's hunger issues. it's probably not going to go well. (depictions of vamp feedings, etc)

really wanna know what the hell you're feelin' now; )
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Jinsun never really talks about where he came from, mostly because it was nothing special - born into a somewhat affluent family in Korea, he left on an exchange trip to Europe during college and decided to stay there after graduation. He contacts his parents once every few months, though he usually has to lie about what he's been doing - they wouldn't understand, anyway.

While in the midst of taking odd jobs to help pay for rent (he only asked for enough from his parents to help cover citizenship costs and sending over some of his essentials from home - everything else he wanted to do on his own dime, so to speak) he ended up meeting one Adrian Matei, a local mythology student and part-time bartender at his parents' bar, the Brigade. The two had struck up a friendship, and after a while, Jinsun had secured a part-time position as well, and often was partnered with Adrian on busy weekend nights. What Adrian didn't know was that his new friend had also started to dabble in some less-than-savory activities, namely monster hunting. It wasn't until a target had decided to visit the Brigade, which ultimately ended with a vampire dispatched in the alley out back that Adrian had stumbled on Jin's secondary job.

To his surprise, though - while slightly terrified out of his mind, Adrian was actually somewhat forgiving of Jinsun not telling him about what he did in his spare time. A few weeks later, however, Jin ended up quitting his bartending job, having been accepted into a position as a "city guardian" - essentially, a glorified Hunter.

What nobody else knew was that those that had put him up for the position were in the works for a massive takeover by demonic forces.

Jinsun seems fairly affable on the outset, though a bit hard to read at times. In reality, he's fairly emotionally distant, and prefers to keep people at arms' length - he views connections with people as a weakness and another way for his superiors to try and control him. While he's dissatisfied with where he's ended up, he views it as no other choice (knowing just exactly what they're capable of) and continues to serve the very thing he was originally sworn to fight against.

It's not until a new assignment that has him working "undercover" to get close to a new band of hunters that has him reuniting with Adrian, meeting other hunters (including his future-ex (???? they're complicated to say the LEAST), Molly Spencer) and possibly working closer toward his own goals.


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윤 진선 (Yun Jinsun)

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